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    Join the Summer Mentorship Bootcamp

    Are you looking to start a business, grow your current business or learn more about new career opportunities? Join this free summer bootcamp.

    This is a brand new free mentorship opportunity that provides direct access to some of the UK’s most talented and diverse young business owners and professionals.

    You will be learning how a variety of industries work from those at the forefront of their respective fields. There will be career-related workshops where you can learn how to adapt your job search to the changing economy.

    You will be mentored by people who have broken through barriers to get to where they are and we want to share these stories with you for motivation, inspiration and for you to have the belief that you also can achieve great things, no matter your background or circumstances.

    Cash grants will be made available to a selection of high performing mentees at the conclusion of the bootcamp. You’ll be able to use these funds for whatever you need to help you progress your business or career.

    The bootcamp starts on Monday 6th July and runs for 6 weeks until Friday 14th August.


    Find out what you’ll learn at the mentorship bootcamp.

    Each week of the bootcamp will have 3-5 hours worth of speaker sessions, workshops and mentor calls (typically held in the late afternoon/evening). All you need to participate is the time, a laptop, access to internet and paper for notes.

    The programme has been designed for 18-25 year olds. It will consist of:

    • Live online workshops and panel discussions

    • Question and answer sessions with the mentors

    • You’ll be matched with between 1-3 mentors based on shared interests to learn directly how they achieved their success

    • Mastermind discussions in small groups

    • Peer to peer accountability with fellow mentees

    • And most importantly, you’ll join a great community of like-minded people!

      The deadline for applications is 28th June.

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