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    How does our environment affect our health and wellbeing?

    Are you a Nursing or Health Science student? Come along to our study day to find out how the space we live in has an important link with general wellbeing

    The design of our built environment – the spaces in which we live and work – is increasingly recognized as an important factor for our health and wellbeing. We can think about ‘health’ not just in terms of individuals, but in terms of the factors that affect all of us. This day-long study day on 10th February will bring together speakers working in housing, public health and architecture to discuss how these issues are relevant to nursing and health practitioners. It will have particular focus on health in relation to the UK’s ageing population and to mental wellbeing, two of the key challenges facing the UK in terms of public health.

    We will be touching on a variety of topics including the unhealthy city and homelessness, experiences of mental distress and housing, representations of council housing in the media, community-centred design of the built environment, and smart homes for ageing populations.

    There will be opportunities to participate in discussions with clear links to the curriculum, a delegate pack, and access to additional online resources/suggestions for further reading. You can access the reading list here.

    If you want to attend, book your free place here.

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