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MDXapp - logging in to new profile

Switching to the new student profile on MDXapp to access new version of app

On 16 December 2019, we undertook key updates to MDXapp - which means the app is now more secure and some features within the App are updated and improved.

If you haven't already, you'll need to switch to the new student profile to give you access to this updated version.

Those of you that are signed into the app will see one large tile which will ask you whether you want to switch to the new profile - you just need to click yes and then login using your student email address and normal password.

A full guide on how to do this - including what to do if you're not logged in - can be found here.

Emails via Outlook

To improve the functionality on receiving and sending emails, the new app version means that you'll also need to download the Outlook app on your app store. The guide above explains how to do this.

If you have any issues with logging in or accessing features within the app, please raise a ticket with UniHelp.

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