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    Mental health training - UNIHEADS

    We are pleased to have partnered with UNIHEADS, bringing you a free 20 minute online mental health training platform.

    UNIHEADS is a great platform designed to give you 20 minutes of free online mental health training. The training will enable you to:

    • Find out more about general wellbeing and mental health
    • Find out more about how to better support a friend who might be struggling (such as what to say or where to signpost them to)
    • Get advice on staying well in light of Covid-19

    You can find out how to access UNIHEADS here, along with information on our other wellbeing platforms available – Fika and Big White Wall.

    Or you can head straight over to the website and register today. Give the training a go, you can start it and come back to it at anytime.

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