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    New policy to increase lecture recordings for students

    Following feedback from students and through working in partnership with MDXSU, the University has approved a new policy to increase the recording of lectures and other teaching activities.

    All lectures will now be recorded and most other forms of teaching activities will also be recorded when appropriate. Lecture recordings are provided to supplement and enhance your learning experience, helping you to revisit material in a self-paced way and support independent learning. It should not be seen as an alternative to attending lectures, where face-to-face or online attendance is a requirement of the programme or module.

    Speaking of the new policy, your elected MDXSU Officers said:

    “MDXSU welcomes the implementation of the developed lecture capture policy at this time. This policy ensures our community has access to their education, and will significantly benefit students with disabilities and our international students. This has been an ask from MDXSU for many years and it is wonderful that the University has taken this important step. We will continue to campaign to ensure that the lecture capture policy in an extended form remains permanent and will be implemented for students in the long term, post-covid.”

    You can read the full policy now online here.

    • Key details about how it will work:

      • Why has the University approved this policy?
        • It’s something that we know many students want. Feedback, coordinated through your Students’ Union, has made it clear that this will help students in their learning
        • We believe strongly in providing a flexible learning environment, which this policy will help contribute towards
        • Recorded lectures also helps enhance the accessibility of learning at Middlesex, contributing to our important agenda on inclusivity and diversity.
      • What types of teaching will be recorded?
        • All lectures will now be recorded and, in most cases, other forms of teaching activities will be recorded as well
        • Sessions which may not be appropriate to record are those where personal information might be disclosed such as during personal tutoring, tutorials, and session where discussion activity might involve the sharing of personal experience
        • It may also be that the nature of the session does not lend itself to being recorded, such a laboratory or workshop.
      • How will I be able to watch the lecture recordings?
        • All recorded materials will be curated within My Learning and then made available for you to watch on demand.
      • How will it work in practice?
        • Clear guidance is being created for staff on how to put this policy into practice
        • It is the responsibility of the staff member leading the session that is to be recorded to make students aware of the intention to record
        • This applies to both face-to-face and online sessions
        • If you do not wish to appear on a recording or have your voice recorded, you should be given the opportunity to move to a seat where you are not visible on camera and will not be picked up by the microphone at the front of the room or to switch off your camera if it is an online session.
      • Can I still make my own recording of lectures?
        • You still have the opportunity to make audio recordings of lectures for study purposes only where they are not already being provided
        • You must seek the permission of the member of staff taking the session and it will be at the discretion of the staff member to allow a recording.

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