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#Standtogether for Holocaust Memorial Day

To mark this year's Holocaust Memorial Day, we've put together a campaign book in support of the #StandTogether campaign

The university’s 'Changing the Culture Initiative' is taking a stand against all forms of hate, by tackling sexual violence, bullying and harassment, hate crime and hate incidents.

In honour of this year's Holocaust Memorial Day and in support of the  #Standtogether campaign, students in the Media department have created a campaign book,  that is narrated with the aid of powerful and thought-provoking short films.

The campaign book uses the students’ voice to share the impact of hate on individuals and our communities.  It also depicts how hate speech and hate incidents can lead to genocide and in doing so, communicates a clear message of why we must all stand together to challenge hate and oppression and pave the way for a safe future for all.

Monday 27th January is a day of defiance – join us in helping ensure that “hate will not win”.

If you’ve experienced a hate crime or hate incident, you can speak to a member of  Care and Concern about what to do next (call 0208 411 6200 and ask for a Designated Safeguarding Officer; email careandconcern@mdx.ac.uk).

You can also find out more information about getting support and reporting (to the University or the police) at unihub@mdx.ac.uk/support/changing-the-culture.

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