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Views towards vaccinations amongst a UK university population

We invite you to join an online PHD research study which aims to identify views towards vaccinations

PHD student Claire Gellard will be conducting this study which will be particularly focusing on how beliefs about oneself, others and the world in general relate to attitudes towards vaccination.

You will simply need to answer a series of questions which will take approximately take 20 minutes to complete.

If you are a first year psychology student you are entitled to 0.5 course credits towards your participation hours. Please sign up and complete the study via the SONA system.

If you are not a first year psychology student please complete the study via this link

When you complete the study a unique code is created and assigned to your responses. This code will be stored on a database alongside your email address. Your study responses will be held on a separate database alongside the unique code. Should you wish to withdraw from the study you can email Claire, who will locate your data using your email address and ID code, ensuring anonymity.

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