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World Suicide Prevention Day

10 September is recognised world-wide as the day to raise awareness of suicide.

We support not just World Suicide Prevention Day itself, but we encourage #TeamMDX to have talk to one another all year round because conversations save lives. This has never been more true than now – as we face potentially more local lockdowns. We are here for you and it’s vital that we look out for each other.

#TeamMDX is a community that prides itself on being here for each other, to listen and help. In a mental health emergency, it’s really important to speak to somebody. You can find out more about the support offered to you here.

If you are worried about another student, you can tell us using Care and Concern.

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, we are encouraging members of #TeamMDX to tell us what they are doing to #StartTheConversation around mental health. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Don’t wait until the perfect moment to start the conversation
  2. Ask twice – if your friend says they are fine and you aren’t sure, ask again!
  3. Talk about your own mental health
  4. If you are worried about your friend, tell them so in a kind way
  5. You can do all of this virtually, too

Don’t forget that there are lots of self-care resources on UniHub.

Self-care is an important tool to staying mentally well, and can also support you if you are working to improve your mental health.

Your online wellbeing platforms: Use Fika to work on your mental fitness daily, togetherall to join a safe community monitored 24/7, and take the UNIHEADS mental health training to get some self-care tips.

Barnet Wellbeing hub are also marking the day with a virtual event anyone who lives or works in Barnet are free to attend. Please see Poster as shown.

#wspd #wspd2020 #suicideprevention

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