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Become a part of Dear #TeamMDX

Send a supportive message to a fellow student with Dear #TeamMDX

We are pleased to announce the launch of Dear #TeamMDX

What is it?

Dear #TeamMDX is a new, exciting way for you to support your peers and make connections through the #TeamMDX community!

What does it involve?

By taking part, you will be sending a positive, supportive message to another Middlesex student which the Dear #TeamMDX group will facilitate over email. You can select that you are open to a reply or choose not to provide your email address, in which case you will just be sending a supportive message out to a peer. You can send as many messages to different peers as you like. The Dear #TeamMDX group will manage the initial message contact.

Why are you facilitating this?

Over the last year, we recognise that it’s been harder to make meaningful connections with peers, and good news has been harder to come by. By taking part in Dear #TeamMDX, you'll be sending a positive message of support and kindness to a fellow student, helping them to feel part of the #TeamMDX community, keeping yourself connected with others, and perhaps making a lasting connection with a peer.

What’s in it for me?

Small acts of kindness are not only hugely appreciated by others, but research also shows that kindness is good for your own wellbeing, too. If you select on the form that you would be happy to receive a reply from the other student, you may receive a message of kindness in return and meet somebody new in the #TeamMDX community!

How do I get involved?

You just need to fill in our Dear TeamMDX’ Submission Form to send your supportive message.

Please Note: If you see a privacy message or blank page when viewing this and other Middlesex online forms, please view using incognito mode in your browser. Please see our guide below for more details:
}Using Incognito mode to view forms

Some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’


- Put yourself in the shoes of another student and think what kind of supportive message you would like to receive

- Write something encouraging which will brighten their day

- Share your top tips for how you are looking after your health and wellbeing

- Share what you are grateful for

- Share what you are hopeful about in the future

- Select that you are happy to receive a reply if you would be open to this


- Make any references to political, social, religious or Covid-19 related affairs - the purpose of this initiative is solely to send an uplifting message to a peer

- Reveal anything too personal. If you and the other student both choose to remain in touch through the scheme beyond the introductory messages, you can then choose to if you like

Thank you for taking the time to be part of Dear #TeamMDX and supporting another student!

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