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MDXMoves is Moving!

MDXMoves is moving to a new improved platform MDXMoves+ for the new academic year.

We have some exciting news on the MDXMoves front. As you know MDXMoves has become a massive part of Middlesex community and we currently have over 3000 student and staff members.

The platform we currently use to run MDXMoves is supported by a company called HiMotiv, and although we think the system is great, there are a few draw backs in both the administration reporting functionality and in the user experience (we know many of you requested it be an app and not just a web app).

We have decided to launch a new system in collaboration with a company called Open Play who originally set up a focus group with 10 Universities, asking what their needs were specifically. We are excited to announce that MDXMoves will be moving to MDXMoves+ for the new academic year 2021. Users will have the opportunity to engage via an app on your mobile device. This includes your profile, stats, challenges, rewards, performance, points etc, which is available for both apple and android devices.

What does this mean for your current MDXMoves points?

We are hoping to move to the new platform by 1st September and phase out the old MDXMoves system including the redemption of all MDXMoves points by 13th August 2021. This will mean you can still claim your rewards on the system with the usual restrictions (eg one coffee redeemable per week). PLUS we have added some exciting new rewards onto the system for you to use up those points before the system closes.

We know many of you enjoy MDXMoves and we hope you will enjoy the new MDXMoves+ platform a little more.

In the meantime log onto your MDXMoves account and get redeeming those rewards, and don’t forget to register for the new MDXMoves+ app on 1st September 2021.

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