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Statement condemning racist abuse following football match

Middlesex opposes racism in all its forms and so we strongly condemn the racial abuse that has taken place since the England game

Dear students,

As you may already be aware, after last night's football game, there has been racial abuse aimed towards some of the England players. This has led to other incidents of racial abuse both online and out in public. Middlesex University opposes racism in all its forms and so we strongly condemn this abuse.

When things like this happen, it can have a big impact on many people within our community, but especially those who have faced this type of abuse before. We encourage you to check in with your friends who might be affected.

If you witness or experience any form of racial discrimination or harassment, we encourage you to tell us by reporting the incident using this online form, so we can do something about it.

As a university community we congratulate the England team on their wonderful achievement and on the values of empathy, collaboration and respect demonstrated by the team and its leadership throughout the tournament. Middlesex University continues to stand proudly as an anti-racist institution and call out racial abuse whenever we see it.

Middlesex University, the MDX Anti-Racism Network and Middlesex University Students’ Union (MDXSU)

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