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Winning ways to wellbeing

This month’s wellbeing spotlight is on making connections and developing your confidence.

Why focus on connections and confidence in September?

Settling in to University is an exciting time, and this month is filled with opportunities for you to meet new people.

However, it can feel intimidating to meet new people (on campus or virtually) and you might find yourself feeling shy. If you are not feeling very confident, remember that you are not the only one. Periods of change, like starting University, can be challenging and it’s normal to feel unsure of yourself.

That’s why we are focusing on making connections and how to feel more confident. Providing you with the right support and tools to help make the most out of the first month of your university experience.

When we talk about connecting, we usually think of connecting with other people. But for you, this could also mean:

  • Connecting with yourself and having quiet moments. Have you tried a simple mindfulness exercise?
  • Connecting with nature, pets and animals
  • Connecting with your spiritual needs
  • Actively seek out "positive" connections, as sometimes connecting with too many contact’s distress can leave us feeling challenged and drained. As with all things in life, a balance is needed. By making choices and consciously attending to the connections we make we can be more in control of our lives and become committed to working on living well.

Opportunities for you to develop your connections and confidence

  • Think about the quality of your connections: perhaps having an in-depth conversation with a close friend will be better for you than lots of superficial conversations with acquaintances?
  • Phone someone instead of messaging
  • Ask how someone’s weekend was and actively listen and focus when they tell you.
  • Put five minutes aside to find out how someone really is
  • Take care of your body and fuel it right – try to eat a balanced diet, drink enough water, and do some exercise regularly
  • Be kind to yourself – talk to yourself the way you would a good friend
  • Practice positive self-talk. For example, if you are feeling nervous about meeting your course mates, instead of saying ‘I hate meeting new people’ say ‘this is an opportunity for me to meet new people who share the same interests as me’
  • Keep practicing things that you find challenging. They will get easier each time!
  • Arrange to meet a new friend for a coffee or a walk together
  • Explore our self-help resources

Having valued connections in your life is important for your wellbeing. In fact, it’s one of the five ways to better wellbeing. What better way to make connections than to take part in the Ready for Anything programme?

Meet new friends, explore campus or London, or connect virtually from the comfort of your room! There are a whole variety of activities you could get involved in, so there really is something for everyone.

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