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Black History Month 2021

Black History Month celebrated throughout October gives everyone the opportunity to share and understand the impact of Black heritage and culture.

Marking October as a time for reflection, acknowledgement and celebration. This month is a great opportunity for people from all backgrounds to educate themselves on Black history and the often-overlooked people who have made a difference to the country.

In her article, 'Black History Month 2021 – let’s make it a festival of celebration' Catherine Ross - Editor of Black History Month 2021 importantly explains that:

"Anti-racism protests have certainly raised awareness of the issues with more people open to having a progressive debate on racism, including the UK’s colonial past. However, it still feels as if there’s a very long way to go.

Despite the many challenges, it’s important to remember the impact of Black Lives Matter as we head into Black History Month 2021, and beyond, into 2022. The UK had the largest Black Lives Matter protests in the world last summer outside the US, which quickly turned the spotlight onto historical and systemic racism in the UK."  Read more

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, last year MDX and your students' union collated a list of a list of powerful educational resources of the movement and Black history and they're still available today.

What can i do to celebrate this year?

This year #TeamMDX have collated two different film playlists celebrating the impact of Black filmmakers in the industry.

The BoB (Box of Broadcasts) playlist: Black History Month films on Box of Broadcasts

A collection of 25 films by leading Black film directors including; Steve McQueen, Spike Lee, John Singleton, Barry Jenkins, Ryan Coogler and Amma Asante. Also includes films about key figures in Black History such Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela. Find the playlist here.

To access the BoB log in to MyUnihub first and then update your BoB account with your MDX email address. See here for the full guide to access the BoB playlist.

The Kanopy playlist: Black History Month films on Kanopy

A collection of 8 films by leading Black film directors, including Jordan Peele ( Get Out and Us), Spike Lee ( Blackkklansman and Da sweet blood of Jesus) and Boots Riley (Sorry to bother you) Find the playlist here.


  • A series of social media success stories of Alumni and students.
  • MDXSU is committed to their work around diversity and are hosting lots of exciting virtual events to mark the month and celebrate Black excellence.

Keep your eyes peeled for how you can get involved in Black History Month this October.

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