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Finance Payment System Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with our systems which means that your financial account as shown in My-Unihub may not be reflecting the correct balances.

This service has been disrupted since the 19th January 2022. We expect the fault to be corrected by early next week.

Please note that this will impact students in the following way:

  • The outstanding balance showing on your My-Unihub account may not have been updated since 19th January 2022 and so any payments made since that date might not be showing;
  • Any sponsor contracts, discounts and regional awards might also not be showing;
  • The above could result in you experiencing financial holds incorrectly.

If you have made a payment since the above date and it is not reflecting on your account, please do not worry and if you need payment confirmations or receipts, you can still request these via the online enquiry form. As soon as the matter is resolved, we will provide confirmation.

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