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Wellbeing and health sessions free for MDX students

Library and Student Support and MDX Works have teamed up with Community Barnet to offer two different free health and wellbeing webinars.

wellbeing matters

‘Employability - how to harness setbacks positively and managing stress’

Will teach you the skills to look after your mental health while job searching, interviewing, handling rejections, and whilst in employment. Learn from MDXWorks on how setbacks are a normal part of the journey, how you aren’t alone, and learn some key stress management skills to help you thrive at work.

‘Relearning Healthy Habits – keeping healthy emotional and mental wellbeing’

Focuses on healthy habits that can be difficult to maintain like the importance of a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and taking regular exercise. You’ll learn how to build healthy routines, what can make this difficult, and some helpful tips.

Various dates are available. Take just one hour out of your schedule to prioritise your health.

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