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June Wellbeing Spotlight

Life skills and career experiences form part of our wellbeing


Life skills can be defined as those skills which enable us as humans to live successful lives. They can differ between people depending on individual life circumstances and what is most important for them. Common life skills around occupational wellness include skills like teamwork, leadership and stress management. Because they help us manage events which occur through life, having well developed life skills helps to maintain good wellbeing. Recent research suggests that those with established life skills in areas such as emotional control and optimism exhibit greater benefits in later life including financial stability, lower levels of diagnosed mental ill-health conditions and better physical health.

Career aspirations and experiences play a part in our overall wellbeing. For example, work often enables social relationships to develop, a sense of belonging and a sense of meaning. These all contribute to a positive state of wellbeing. Feeling content at work leads to increased resilience, reduced sickness absence and higher performance and productivity. However, lack of meaningful work, feeling overloaded in the workplace, or an expectation gap between what you consider work to be like versus how it transpires to be can have negative effects on health and wellbeing. The same goes for uncertainty over future career aspirations. While some uncertainty is normal, and indeed can have some positives, if you are feeling overly anxious about the future, it might be time to speak to somebody.

Workplace Mental Health - all you need to know (for now) | Tom Oxley | TEDxNorwichED

Common challenges when considering the world of work

Common challenges in the world of work or thinking about the future include feelings such as Imposter Syndrome (believing that you are not as competent as you need to be, or that you earned your job through a fluke and that you do not deserve it). While it can be quite common to experience feelings of Imposter Syndrome at some points during your career, there is plenty of information and support available to overcome these unhelpful feelings.

Experiencing stress during your career is inevitable. Managing stress is therefore a key life skill and mastering this will support you in the world of work and beyond. Some stress is motivating and can help us to perform at our best both in our studies and work, but too much stress can hinder performance.

Find out more through LinkedIn Learning.

Brush up on your life skills including confidence and stress management on the Fika app. Download the app and use your MDX account to access premium content for free.

Would You Run a Marathon Without Training? with Dr. Fran | Fika Shorts


MDXWorks provide a range of opportunities and services to support your career development. We encourage you to use these services to ensure that you're prepared for your future; whether your ambition is to find a graduate job, create your own business or continue studying.

MDXWorks support with:

  • A unique menu of events and activities designed specifically to support students from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Real-world employer-driven projects to help you develop your employability skills. You can help MDXworks embed real practical work into your curriculum by completing this short survey.
  • Skills for employment workshops and webinars. Revisit past events on MDX Play.
  • Information for students who cannot continue with their studies and help with finding work

Kicking off on 7 June at 12pm, on-campus, the Emerging Professional Programme is back this summer with a new series of fun and interactive sessions and a project challenge designed to help develop professional skills and attributes sought by employers. Find out more and book your tickets now. Emerging Professional Programme (EPP) - Your future in the making Tickets, Tue 7 Jun 2022 at 12:00 | Eventbrite

Hear from some current students and recent Alumni on how MDXworks has helped them.

Royston Joseph - Support from MDXworks

MDX Student & Alumni Stories Series - Asimina Bibe - Working with Unitemps

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