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I Feel Safe

The 'I Feel Safe' campaign calls on everyone in our MDX community to come together and stand up to any form of bullying or harassment.

At Middlesex, we’re committed to creating a learning and working environment free of any form of bullying and harassment. This Autumn, our Inclusion and Wellbeing Team are leading on ‘I Feel Safe’, an anti-harassment campaign to raise awareness and highlight key resources and support options for all #TeamMDX.

Hear from some current students and staff on why they feel safe at Middlesex:

The I Feel Safe campaign was created so that everyone knows how to report, call out and challenge unacceptable behaviour. The campaign signposts to student and staff reporting pathways and further information to support you in feeling safe whilst studying and help to make Middlesex a safe space for others too.

If appropriate, and only if you feel comfortable and safe doing so, call out the behaviour and tell the person(s) concerned to stop. You can also tell a member of staff, such as your tutor, and ask them to call it out.

Click here, to find out how you can Report It To Stop It at Middlesex.

What is a bystander?

We’re all bystanders all of the time, as we witness events happening around us. Sometimes, we may find ourselves in a situation where we recognise an event as being problematic. When this happens, we have a choice: do we take action or remain passive?

What can I do?

1. Notice your surroundings and the behaviour of those around you.

2. Interpret a situation as a problem – don’t assume someone else will solve the issue.

3. Feel responsible and empowered to act by seeing yourself as part of the solution.

4. Possess the knowledge and skills to intervene safely and effectively.

How can I intervene safely?

Only intervene in a situation if it is safe for you to do so. If it is safe and you feel comfortable taking action, you can:

1. Distract

2. Delegate

3. Document

4. Delay

5. Direct

In an emergency

If you need help dealing with an incident on campus, check out our security UniHub page for contact information.

Together, we can step up and make our community a safe place for every person to exist without fear of judgement or harm.

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