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Summer 2023 Works Update

Limited access to portacabins from 12 May, and to Greyhound Hill car park and car charging points on 15 May

For your information and planning, please note the following key dates which may cause some disruption to access and parking around campus:

12 May:  Removal of the steps and access walkway to Portacabin B

15 May:  Top half Greyhound Hill Carpark closure / behind Williams for one day only. Please use another part of the carpark, this also means the car charging points will not be accessible during the course of the day.

Following the removal of Portacabin B you will start to see fencing go up around Portacabins A, 6, and 7 generally in this area.

This means there will be no access to the portacabins with the exception of Portacabin 2 which will continue to be available to be used by students who require the music facilities within this space until the end of May.

29 May: There will be further disruption to access and parking around campus. For your travel and planning the following areas will be affected:

  • Greyhound Hill car park: parking spaces be restricted from 29 May
  • MDX House and Real Tennis: from 30 May diversion routes into MDX House and Real Tennis will be in place including short waits to access or leave the buildings.

Please note, during this time temporary roadway and safety fencing will be installed. Heavy lifting operations will be also taking place around the mentioned areas.

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