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Emerging Professional Programme 2024

We're excited to invite you to the Emerging Professional Programme (EPP) at Middlesex, a summer experience designed to boost your career readiness from 10 to 21 June.

This year, EPP offers two unique pathways tailored to your career aspirations:

  1. Employment Pathway – The impact of AI on your professional career

    From IT, Healthcare and Finance to Marketing, Education, and Design, AI makes its way into all areas of work and innovation. This summer, you can discover how AI is revolutionising the workplace, whilst simultaneously learning how to leverage its power to supercharge your career, from crafting authentic applications to creating action plans.

  2. Start-up and Self-Employment Pathway

If you’re interested in freelancing or launching your own business, this is the right pathway for you. Over the first two weeks, you’ll attend masterclasses and workshops, receive 1:1 support, and develop your business pitch. Five finalists will be selected for the MDX London Pitching Competition to present their ideas to a panel of judges for a chance to win prize money.

Here you can access the full programme schedule for a better understanding of the sessions you can benefit from.

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Also, students who stand out through their engagement and contributions will be eligible for various prizes and recognitions at the end of the programme.

It is a great opportunity to gain skills and experiences that will set you apart from other candidates.

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