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    KnowingUnknowing Launch

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    START DATE 17 January 2019
    START TIME 09:00
    END DATE 17 January 2019
    END TIME 17:00

    KnowingUnknowing @ MDX

    Middlesex University Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries launch an innovative CD/DVD in January! Professor Benjamin Dwyer (guitarist/composer), Senior Lecturer Helen Kindred (dance) and PhD candidate Pete Gomes (film) have worked together on an improvised performance project for dance, music and film DVD entitled KnowingUnknowing, to be released on Farpoint Records in January. The CD element of the project features new guitar music by leading Irish composers. This pioneering CD/DVD also contains essays on performance and practice-as-research by Dwyer, Gomes and Kindred. Drawing from three different disciplines from within the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, KnowingUnknowing showcases the best in artistic collaborative performance and research that distinguishes Middlesex University today. The launch features solo guitar performance, live music and dance, and excerpts from the film.

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