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    Autism Service Drop-In

    Event information

    START DATE 22 February 2019
    START TIME 12:00
    LOCATION Sunny Hill House, Middlesex University
    END DATE 22 February 2019
    END TIME 14:00

    The Autism Service is offering free screenings to Barnet residents who are over 18

    The  Autism Service offers free screenings for adults (18+) who live in Barnet who think they might be in the autistic spectrum as well as free training, support and events.  
    If you don’t live in Barnet, you can still access the social events by a small fee of less than £1 per week.

    You may be on the autistic spectrum if:

    • You have particular hobbies or interests you are passionate about
    • You enjoy being on your own and find social situations stressful
    • You feel like you are the odd one out
    • Changes stress you out
    • You have repetitive behaviours or routines that make you feel better
    • You find it difficult to read other people
    • You like to do things  always the same way and get frustrated when things don’t go your way

    For more information come to our drop in session at Sunny Hill House.

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