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    Humanising the narratives of migration post-brexit

    Event information

    START DATE 16 February 2019
    START TIME 10:00
    LOCATION Central London venue (tbc)
    END DATE 16 February 2019
    END TIME 16:00

    A one-day workshop examining how the narratives of migration post-brexit can be humanised.

    Come and join this highly topical and important discussion...

    Whatever your views on Brexit, one thing we can all agree on, there will be forces who will seek to use Brexit to further divide communities
    and to scapegoat migrants for problems that they have no control over.

    The Ella Baker School of Transformative Organising is very proud to be running a one-day seminar (with our friends at Unite Community and supported by the ESRC) on how we respond. This seminar will take place in London on 16 February, just six weeks before Brexit is due to take place (assuming nothing changes). We will be bringing together migrant support groups, anti-racist campaigners, trade unionists, academics and community groups to discuss how we take control of the post-Brexit narrative.

    This one-day seminar is for anyone concerned about the increasingly toxic scapegoating of migrants for the ills of our society, and in particular for those who want to think about how we can come together to change the ‘hostile environment’ that has been deliberately created.

    10am - introduction

    10:30am - roundtable discussion of the direction of migration narratives

    11:30am - the real lessons from Cable Street

    12:30pm - lunch

    1:15pm - bridging communities through story, exploring how the stories we tell of our spaces can be inclusive and a bridge to real unity

    2:15pm - quickfire session on 'what we can do right now'

    3:15pm - what do we do next?

    4pm - reflections on the day

    This event is FREE and open to all.

    If you would like to join the discussion, please email Ella Baker

    or sign up here

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