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    Working where it’s hot, dusty and dangerous: Leadership in a Refugee Context

    Event information

    START DATE 04 March 2020
    START TIME 18:00
    LOCATION Boardroom, C219, College Building, Middlesex University
    END DATE 04 March 2020
    END TIME 19:30

    An evening of conversation with MDX Honorary Graduate Rachel Ellison MBE, who will be leading a panel on leadership in a refugee context

    Inspired by Rachel's book Global Leadership & Coaching: Flourishing Under Intense Pressure at Work this event will take a unique and personal look at coaching, leading and working internationally, bringing together inspiring, original and dramatic stories of leadership from around the world. From war zones to refugee camps, prisons to hospitals, elite sport to supermarkets, Rachel draws on psychoanalytic below the surface thinking to analyse, interpret and understand a leader’s decisions, motivations and fears.

    Discussion during the event will be focused around 3 questions:

    • How does refugee experience inform you as a leader (whether in the working world,as a parent or student)?
    • What does it take to be an effective leader?What can we do to make this experience relevant to us?
    • How can we apply it to our own lives?

    Rachel will be joined on the panel by MDX academics.

    Refreshments will be provided after the event.

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