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Middlesex LGBT+ Womxn's Winter Social

Event information

START DATE 02 December 2020
END DATE 02 December 2020
END TIME 18:00

*VIRTUAL* Middlesex LGBT+ Womxn's Winter Social

Middlesex LGBT+ Womxn's Space is an opportunity for staff who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, trans, ace, queer, non-binary or intersex to get together to celebrate our diverse identities and discuss the challenges we may face.

Each space you will have the opportunity to bring something that is important to them and their identity. It can be anything- a poem, a book, an item of clothing, or a good piece of news from the week! Sharing our experiences, ideas and identity cultures is something we think is invaluable in our understanding and appreciation of each other.

Please email lgbt@mdx.ac.uk if you'd like more information.

Join us via Zoom | meeting ID: 312 027 2861 | password: 8g8ZtK

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