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    Crowdfunding Workshop

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    START DATE 07 December 2018
    START TIME 12:00
    END DATE 07 December 2018
    END TIME 13:00

    Need funding for a great idea or project?

    Have you got a great idea or project requiring funding but no idea how to raise the money to make it come to life?

    Are you running a crowdfunding campaign but struggling to hit your funding goal?

    Or do you simply want to learn more about crowdfunding?

    Well, the MDXCrowdfund workshop may just be for you!

    Crowdfunding can provide an effective way of raising money for a wide variety of things - from business ideas to creative projects, personal challenges and more.

    This workshop will provide a great opportunity for students to learn more about the benefits of crowdfunding, creating a compelling crowdfunding campaign and how to promote it effectively so that you raise the funds you require. It will also include a brief introduction to MDXCrowdfund - Middlesex University's dedicated crowdfunding platform, and the advantages of using it (including how you could gain up to £500 towards your project through MDXCrowdfund!).

    For anybody with an idea for a crowdfunding project or already running a crowdfunding campaign, you will also have an opportunity to get some advice on your individual campaign or promotional activities if you are struggling to hit your crowdfunding target. 

    If you are interested in attending the workshop, please email the MDXCrowdfund team to book your spot.

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