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    Democracy and Diversity- A People's Commonwealth for the 21st Century?

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    START DATE 10 December 2018
    START TIME 18:00
    END DATE 10 December 2018
    END TIME 20:00

    Talk from Akbar Khan, Secretary General, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

    This Distinguished Lecture on Democracy and Diversity - A People’s Commonwealth for the 21st century? will be delivered Akbar Khan, Secretary General, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The event, hosted by our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tim Blackman, will take place at Middlesex University on Monday 10 December 2018 from 6pm.

    The Commonwealth is the world’s oldest political association. It has been described in some quarters as an irrelevant historical anachronism in the 21st century and by others as the perfect network or platform to address the global challenges of today, especially post-Brexit. How accurate are these assertions? In this lecture, Akbar Khan, Secretary General, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, will speak on the enduring nature of the Commonwealth which comprises a unique network of peoples, civil society and governments. He will explore how these networks mark the Commonwealth out as unusually constituted global player, unlike any other international organisation, enabling it to justifiably claim to be a People’s Commonwealth which is democratic and diverse in nature.

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