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    Expert Seminar: Auto-ethnography as a methodological approach

    Event information

    START DATE 21 June 2018
    START TIME 11:00
    LOCATION College Building C207
    END DATE 21 June 2018
    END TIME 13:00

    This seminar will examine the insider perspectives in practice based research; the insider-outside dichotomy, and the tensions implicit in practice based research

    John will then draw from his experience of ethnographic studies and consider the tensions and benefits of being an insider researcher.  The final part of the seminar will explore auto-ethnography as a methodological approach. The following paper is useful preparatory reading:

    Hayes C & Fulton J (2015). Auto ethnography as a method of facilitating critical reflexivity for professional doctorate students. Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education 8 available from

    Seminar presented by the Professional Doctorate Programme in Health & Education, Science & Technology, and Transdisciplinary Practice.

    For further information contact: Shams Sadiqi

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