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    Hop on the 183! Exploring London changing suburbs

    Event information

    START DATE 09 November 2018
    START TIME 10:00
    LOCATION 183 Bus, Golders Green Bus Station, London NW11 7RN
    END DATE 09 November 2018
    END TIME 11:00

    Hop on board the 183 bus and talk to social scientists about the future of London suburbs!

    A journey across North London from Golders Green to Harrow, discussing the socioeconomic changes taking place through history in North London.

    As well as discussing London suburbs and their future, members of the public, social scientists, local stakeholders and third sector organisations will also gain an insight into the sorts of research methods used in social science. The researcher running the event has a great deal of expertise in urban and suburban studies, and in the running of interactive walks with students, fellow academics and members of the public.

    The event is free to attend, and particularly relevant in light of the new housing strategy announced by the Mayor of London.

    You can find out more information here.

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