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    Exploring Authenticity

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    START DATE 10 November 2017
    START TIME 15:00
    LOCATION Mezzanine , 1st Floor, The Quad
    END DATE 01 January 2016
    END TIME 20:00

    What is your authentic self? Come and explore the science of authenticity and discover fresh ingredients that social science researchers have tested to make you feel more authentic.

    There will be interactive displays and hands-on activities that will engage you in a journey where you will experience newly developed techniques on mood elevation (movies and music), mindfulness and self-affirmation to find alternative personal pathways to authenticity. The exhibition will also take you around the world to discover whether authenticity varies across cultures of not.

    Don’t forget your complimentary take home message: a set of ideas on how to be true to yourself and live more happily.

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