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    Review And Critical Appraisal Of Literature: A Workshop For Doctoral Candidates

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    START DATE 28 March 2018
    START TIME 14:00
    END DATE 28 March 2018
    END TIME 16:00

    Attendance is free but to secure a place please register here.

    In this workshop-style session, Dr Sarah Corrie and Dr Nico Pizzolato will introduce participants to the skills needed to critically appraise published research and build upon it a literature review that meets the needs of a doctorate project.

    One of the most important aspects of a literature search is to navigate between different types of sources and evaluate their appropriateness for the research design of one’s own project.

    How to identify the key contribution of an article?

    How to establish whether a piece of research is valuable, reliable and appropriate for our purpose?

    This workshop, which will provide hands-on opportunities for evaluating published research, as well as guiding principles and recommendations on how to approach this task, aims to help participants navigate the complex issues behind ‘consuming’ research and writing a literature review at a doctoral level.

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