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    Walking & Talking Therapy

    Event information

    START DATE 10 December 2018
    START TIME 12:00
    LOCATION Sunny Hill House car park
    END DATE 10 December 2018
    END TIME 13:00

    Grab yourself a bit of Green Therapy

    Come and walk and talk with us in Sunny Hill Park, get to know your local green space – and each other.

    When we’re outdoors in green space, there’s less demand on our attention and more space for reflection and psychological restoration.  Being outside allows us release from the stressors that cause mental fatigue and leads to relaxation and being able to let go.

    Added to this, a recent study found that 90% of individuals reported an increase in self-esteem following a walk in the country, while 44% reported a decrease in self-esteem after window shopping in a local mall!

    This event takes place every Monday afternoon at 12:00, meeting at the Sunny Hill House car park.

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