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    MyMDX Platform Updates

    UPDATE: myUniHub is now out of service.

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    There are changes taking place to your digital platforms, UniHub, myUniHub and MDXapp. These changes are designed to create a better digital experience for you as a student. #TeamMDX

    We’re bringing together UniHub, myUniHub and MDXapp. We’re excited to let you know as a result of these changes, MDXapp will be having a rebrand and will be renamed ‘MyMDX’ – and it'll be accessible for use on desktop and other personal devices.

    We'll continue to let you know in advance of any new major updates and let you know of anything you'll need to do differently. We'll also keep you updated on key changes to how you use other MDX platforms, to ensure that you're prepared to take advantage of the benefits available to you.

    Links to existing places on both UniHub and MyUniHub will take you to the MyMDX homepage on desktop (or mobile web) when clicking on these. From there, you can use search or discover your student tiles to find the information or complete the action you need.

    • MyMDX Platform updates

    myUniHub, UniHub and MDXapp will be migrated from 15 July 2024 as part of a University wide IT improvement project which is aligned with the introduction of the University Web and mobile App MyMDX.

    This will bring a range of improvements which include:

    • Mobile and web-Friendly responsive design
    • A design that replicates the look and feel of the University student website all into one platform that can be accessed via your mobile devices and desktops.
    • Improved information targeting.
    • Provide opportunities in developing the new platform that will enable us to enhance student experience.

    Once work carried out is completed on week commencing 15 July 2024, there will be no access for students to any part of myUniHub including the link to My Learning. My Learning will remain available.

    You can access some services directly, which are accessible via the Quick links section at the bottom of our Systems Status page.

    For further help, please visit UniHelp.

    Last updated, 15 June 2024

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