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    Money Advice Fair


    The Student Welfare Advice Team (SWAT) ran a Money Advice Fair from 15th – 17th February as part of National Student Money Week.

    Money Week, initiated by NASMA (the National Association of Student Money Advisers) is aimed at helping students become more financially aware so they are able to take control of their finances.

    The Money Advice Fair was held in The Quad, The Grove and MDX House.  The event was supported by staff from the UniHelp Desk, the Counselling & Mental Health team, the Chinese Student Liaison Officer and Barnet Citizens Advice. Thank you to everyone involved for their help and support – it was very much appreciated!

    In addition to offering advice on Student Funding, budgeting, debt, Council Tax, reapplying for student loans etc. The SWAT team also gave students the chance to win two bumper shopping baskets full of groceries.  One basket was filled with branded goods and the other basket with identical non-branded items.  To win the food all students had to do was guess the price of each of the two baskets. Students were shocked to discover the branded basket cost twice as much as the non-branded one. The budget basket cost £9.40 in total and the branded basket came in at £20.33. We had over 80 entrees in the completion but Raymode a BA Business Management student’s guess came in at the closest. You can see a photo of Raymode, picking up her prize below.

    We also ran a Jaffa Cake Challenge asking students if they can distinguish between branded Jaffa Cakes and the supermarkets own. Surprisingly most people preferred the supermarket own brand advising it was spongier and had a stronger Jaffa flavour. Others couldn’t tell the difference, so why pay more for brands?  Reuben Kay, Library Assistant is obviously a supper taster and was one of the few people who could correctly tell the difference.  The branded Jaffa Cakes cost £1.19 for 12 and the non-branded ones cost just 60p for 12 so even if you can taste the difference is it really worth it?

    Barnet Citizens Advice came to the Money Advice Fair giving both student and staff energy saving tips. They explained ways of switching your utility supplier to get the best deal.

    Overall, the Money Advice Fair was a great success and it has hopefully given our students some hints and tips to save money and make the most of their university experience. Setting up the fair in different areas of the campus meant SWAT were able to engage with and pick up case work for students from all areas of the University.

    The SWAT team are available throughout the year to deal with financial, practical, or legal difficulties that may arise while students are studying at Middlesex.


    Tel: 0208 411 3008

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