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    Student Leadership Opportunities - CEOx1 Day


    Applications are now open for CEOX1 Day Programme!

    Leveraging the talents of our team of executive search experts, the CEOx1 Day Programme, an initiative from Ogders Berndtson will, through a competitive process for students, uncover a cadre of promising future leaders in the UK and provide them with an opportunity to walk in the shoes of a senior executive.  It is also an excellent opportunity for CEOs to connect with universities and better understand what drives the next generation of leaders.

    About the application

    Students are required to complete the application form, upload their CV and answer the following two questions.

    About you

    Please tell us about your career goals (100 word max.)

    Your thoughts on leadership

    Please answer the following question in under 500 words:

    What are the most important attributes of good leadership? (max. 500 words)

    Click here to APPLY and to learn more about the programme

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