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    Student Success Festival 2017


    The Student Success Festival transformed the Quad into an Adventure Island on March 27th as support services around the university wanted to showcase what they can do for you over this busy assessment and exam period.


    Waterfall - Sport and wellbeing

    As you entered the quad the Waterfall could be seen which housed the mermaids and mermen waiting to sooth your stress and worries caused by exams and assessments. Sports were also in residence with the ski machine and punch bag to alleviate your anger. The massage chair was on hand for all to help you heal in this time. Your health, mentally and physically, is just as important as your revision and even aids it, so don’t neglect it.


    Castle – Academic support

    The Castle laid down the foundations for success and problem solving through creative and interactive games provided by your SLAs and Library Support Services. Planning and appropriate action relieve stress through management and that was taught by seeing if you were able to create an animal using 2 pipe-cleaners and some clay. Other activities involved working creating models and hats while the maidens of the castle kept you entertained throughout.

    Employability and Erasmus loomed in the Castle for those explorers and they got rewarded. How can you improve your chances of getting the experience you deserve? Those who found them know. If you’re still wondering how, go to CG07 to talk to them. Erasmus provided the gateway to another experience with their tales of studying or working abroad. Wherever you decide to adventure, Erasmus will be your guide. Find out more here.

    tikibarForest – MDXSU

    Home to the MDXSU rangers, who showed you the way through the dense and daunting forest that is revision and helped you come to terms with the kind of person you are. They guessed your spirit animal through your traits and you gave life to the tree of inspiration. Socialising and keeping active is just as important to revision survival and the competitive games and interactive beer goggles showed that fun is necessary, but only in moderation. While you were there, did you take the sap of knowledge from the hopes, fears, and tips boards? If you didn’t make your way out of the forest, don’t fear, you can learn more here and start seeing the wood from the trees.

    Volcano – Registry

    The Volcano, only the bravest faced their fears and travelled deep into its heart. Pictures of what those brave few with the #MDXSuccess had the chance to win Amazon Vouchers. Registry and support were in attendance for help with progression, deferrals and other University issues. The power wall behind them presented the chance to be creative and draw with style for all to see.

    Mystery Zone - Underwater

    If you explored everywhere and filled your passport, you were guided to the underwater treasure trove of virtual reality where divers got to experience a shipwreck and open sea full of mystery, intrigue and sea creatures.


    The festival isn’t over, it’s just begun. Middlesex University wants you to succeed and will indulge you in your pursuits with a series of interactive, engaging and insightful sessions. Varying in topics, there is something for everyone so we can all be successful. The more workshops you attend as well, the more chances to win an iPad in our prize draw. Spaces are filling fast so be quick and book here.

    Student Tips and CompetitionSSF Comp winner

    Students who gave the best advice for fellow students were rewarded in a competition with Jonathan Friend winning an iPad for his tip on teaching a topic to others as an aid to revision. Prize winning runners-up included Amaris Powell and Ahmed Reza. To find these study tips and more, click here.

    Matthew Lawson, Head of Library and Learning Enhancement, stated that "I think the study advice videos capture the wide variety of experiences, views and backgrounds in the Middlesex student population. Students from across the faculties, studying from Foundation years to PhDs shared their study experiences with us and offered advice for their friends and colleagues.  There were several standout suggestions but the panel felt that Jonathan’s reflection of how helping other students learn had also helped him develop new skills was a particularly valuable message".

    See Jonathan's winning tip here or view all other tips on YouTube.

    Check out our Twitter for more pictures and videos of the Student Success Festival!

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