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    Money Management

    By Rimsha Razwan

    #studentbudget #financialindependence  #moneytips

    Money management for dummies

    Illustration by Rimsha Razwan

    So, you’ve moved out. You're far away from home. It’s 1:38am and your student finance loan has just dropped. You’re not used to seeing those numbers in your account and then suddenly, you get the urge. The horrible, dreadful yet exciting urge. The urge to splurge.

    You remember the trainers you added to your wish list and the hoodie from ASOS and before you know it, your hands are moving like they are no longer attached to your body and you can’t control yourself. I know. We’ve all been there. You promise yourself you will be responsible with your money but the deliveries are coming FAST!

    You’re probably thinking “Okay I get it. I’m an idiot. What now?” Why am I here, you say? Well, I’m your guide. Your financial fairy godmother, if you will. Here to provide you with a step by step guide on how to handle your money so you’re not living off one slice of bread and a glass of water by the end of term.

    Step 1. Get a part-time job

    I know what you’re thinking. More work? But look at it like this, more work equals more money equals less scolding from your parents when you have to call them and ask “please sir? May I have some more?” Pimp your ride CV. If you need any help with increasing your employability rates, pop in to MDXworks. Their HQ is based in room CG07.

    Step 2. Budget

    Yes, those trainers look tempting and would go great with the outfit you have planned in your head but do you really need them? Or could you save up a little and wait? Or even drop some hints in the family group chat and hope someone gets the gist and you find them under your Christmas tree.

    Make sure you work out how much money to put aside for expenses like transport, food and your basic necessities to survive. Don’t worry about the maths, calculators exist.

    Step 3. Cut down on the nightly ventures

    I get it. Partying and going out is part of ‘uni culture’ and yes, I agree you should have some fun. But not to the point you are on the brink of starvation because you’ve run out of money. As your fairy godmother, I care about your well-being and I’ve sadly exhausted my powers so I can’t magic you some cocoa pops out of thin air. So maybe relax a little this Saturday, stay in and watch a movie with your friends. Your liver will thank you for it.

    These are just my top three most important tips, if you need any more aid head on over to the financial support section on UniHub. Look after yourself and have fun! Yes, there is a balance.

    And if you need to find me, say my name 3 times in your mirror at midnight and I’ll appear - not with some cocoa pops, but a whole lot of advice.

    If, like Rimsha, you would like to write a blog for UniHub, get in touch with us now

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