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    Personal training

    Fitness induction

    Once you take out a gym membership you have the option to undertake a fitness induction. You will be shown how to warm up, use the equipment safely, and how to cool down. A member of staff will schedule a suitable time for your induction with a qualified instructor, which usually takes around 20 minutes. If you are an experienced gym user you can sign a waiver and start using the facility straight away.

    Personal training

    Achieve your goals in half the time with our experienced personal trainers. You will receive expert guidance on a one- to- one basis, with plenty of encouragement to motivate you and maximise the benefits from your workout. Whether you want to lose weight, shape and tone or build muscle, whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it.

    For more information on prices and availability please contact our resident Personal Trainers or contact The Fitness Pod reception on 020 8411 6343.

    The Fitness Pod Personal Trainers

    Special introductory offer. Receive your 1st PT session for just £15, then  £35 per 1 hour session or £300 for 10 sessions. To book contact 020 8411 6343 or email:

    External Personal Trainers

    Health Check

    A qualified instructor will undertake your individual health check and provide you with feedback on your current level of fitness. The consultation covers individual medical and exercise history, fitness goals, lifestyle factors and exercise preferences as well as a variety of tests including blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol, BMI, waist to hip ratio, BMR & daily calorie needs. Results are discussed and recommendations made.

    We offer a 1 hour health check for just £25. Contact or 020 8411 6343 to book your appointment.

    Personalised programmes

    Each new member taking out an annual membership at The Fitness Pod, receives a personalised programme to help them make the most of their membership, with a programme tailored to your requirements. Programmes can be developed to enable you to achieve weight loss, increase strength, help rehabilitation, support specific sport performance and more.

    Your first programme is free when you join as a member. Each programme after that is £10.These sessions are available by appointment only so contact or 020 8411 6343 to book your appointment.

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