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    What international students do for fun while studying in London

    By Adeyemi Adelekan, Postgraduate Research Middlesex Student

    Home to more than 100,000 international students from over 200 countries, over 8,000 students from outside the UK choose to study at Middlesex University London. London is one of the most diverse and multicultural places to live and study in the world! For me, it is the diversity that makes it not only a rich learning location but also a fun city to study in.

    studentName: Kia Stanberg
    Course: Bsc Nursing
    Country of origin: India

    “I love Middlesex because of its diversity. You have people from all over the world here. You have so many different cultures and we all come together and do things together, which is so much fun. Middlesex University is also a great place to make a lot of friends as there are different places where you can socialise. To shop, I like to visit Brent Cross. The University’s location on the northern line and overground also makes everywhere else accessible like central London, for example.”

    Name: Cherisse Yearwood
    Course: Bsc Traditional Chinese medicine
    Country of origin: Barbados

    “In London, I can attend Latin American parties as well as a variety of different bars and pubs. London has also introduced me to the joys of salsa dancing, which I’d recommend to anyone! At the University, there are plenty of places to meet new people and relax such as the Quad, the many outside seating areas and the spacious environment of the Grove building.

    Name: Ehsan Rahman
    Course: Bsc Business Management
    Country of origin: Bangladesh

    “I love eating out in London! There are a wide range of restaurants, where you can have Japanese, Chinese, Indian foods, all within close reach of each other. In the University, there is always someone readily available to help you if you need any support. There are also a lot of societies that are available for us to join, which is quite a fun thing to do around here as well.”


    Name: Fardosa Mahamed
    Course: B.sc Accounting and finance
    Country of origin: Somalia

    “My favourite place to eat is mostly in restaurants where I can get a good Mediterranean meal and, of course, some Somali food. These restaurants are not far away from here as they are close to central London. The transportation system also makes it quite easy to get anywhere from where I live.
    “It’s easy to get around the university campus. It’s a place where you get to meet different people from different parts of the world and that is fun.”

    Name: Joanna Kitchen
    Course: PhD in Business
    Country of origin: Australia

    “Things I usually do in London and that are closer to the University are occasional visits to Golders Hill Park, which provides a good quick break and an opportunity to check out the local zoo as it is only a bus ride away. The University’s London campus is also walking distance away from Allianz Park which gives students free access to the swimming pool. The school also organizes great events, relevant for a research student to network such as regular seminars and workshops organized by CEEDR on their work with CUSP.

    Name: Fatima Timbo
    Course: B.sc Accounting and finance
    Country of origin: Sierra Leone

    "I enjoy going ice-skating in Leyton, which is just east of London and not far from where I live. Recently, my friend and I went to Brent Cross shopping centre not only to go shopping but to visit the funfair - which is permanently there! Middlesex is a very sociable university. There is MDX house where they host parties and there are great seating areas on campus where you can unwind too"

    Name: Kate Lee
    Course: Bsc Traditional Chinese medicine
    Country of origin: South Korea

    “Compared to Newcastle where I used to live, London is busier and there are a lot of sites to visit. There are lots of great restaurants and nice places to have desserts as well. There are board game cafes and lots of cinemas where you can see the latest movies. I enjoy visiting Primrose hill, which gives you an amazing view of the city. At Middlesex, my favourite place is the Grove and MDX house, where I love to hang out with my friends.”

    It seems like I’m not alone in loving London and Middlesex! It’s easy to see why London remains one of the most popular study destinations and why Middlesex University is a great place to experience quality education in such a multicultural and fun environment.

    We all have different experiences and interests so check out things you may want to do now you have settled in university life.

    Student lifestyle posts which reflect the interests of our students are written by student interns or writers working within the Marketing department and do not reflect the research, guidance or opinions of Middlesex University. If you have feedback or want to suggest ideas for future student lifestyle posts, please email communications@mdx.ac.uk

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