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    Paying Your Tuition Fees

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    By enrolling on a programme of study at Middlesex, you are required to comply with the University's Financial Regulations. Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions before enrolling online. Once enrolled, you can view your 'financial account' by logging in to myUniHub, then go to the 'My Admin and Finances' page.

    There's further information on how and when to pay your fees.

    We have produced a leaflet explaining student fees.

    • FAQs

      • If you are unable to pay your fees

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        If Student Finance England or the EU Team cannot pay your fees:

        * If SFE refuse to pay your fees, the University will invoice you personally. Failure to pay in full will eventually result in financial holds, which means the withdrawal of access to the library and online learning materials.

        If you intend to pay your own fees

        *If your circumstances change it may be possible to negotiate an instalment plan. Speak with the Student Fees and Finance Team on campus. They can be found in the Sheppard Library. Alternatively, you can email the team at, or telephone 020 8411 6400 (option 2).

        * If you're paying your fees yourself and have not paid your first instalment by the end of your fourth week of term, or have not shown proof of sponsorship, it will be assumed that you have withdrawn; your record will be removed and access to services/facilities withdrawn.

        Please be aware a late payment charge of £200 will be levied against any international, postgraduate and ELQ student that fails to pay by the agreed deadlines. This charge will be imposed for each instance of default.

        Support and withdrawal from University

        If you still have problems paying your fees, please contact the Student Welfare Advice Team who will research any other options available to you. Appointments can be made via UniHelp, directly on UniHub, by emailing or by phone on 020 8411 3008.

        We hope that this will never be the case during your study, however, if you think you may need to leave or interrupt your course for any reason, please submit a Request to Withdraw form (for either a temporary or permanent withdrawal) and you will be contacted by a member of staff to discuss your request. You can see the Student Fees and Finance Team(details above) if you have any difficulty paying on time.

      • Methods of paying your fees

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        The easiest method of payment is by credit or debit card via myUniHub at the end of the online enrolment process. If you wish to pay fees at a later time you can log into your myUniHub account to make payment. You can use the following cards to make payment: Switch, Solo, Maestro, Delta, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron.

        If you experience problems making payments online you may also telephone 020 8411 6400 (option 1) to make payment by card. Lines are open 24/7.

        More details of alternative payment methods

      • Fees, loans and allowances

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        If you haven't yet arranged your finance and you're an eligible student, you may be able to get support from Student Finance England.

        They offer:

        * A student loan for tuition fees to cover your fees in full (up to £9,250).

        * A means-tested loan for maintenance (worth up to £11,354) if you live away from your parental home (though the figure you are awarded may be reduced depending on household income).

        * Additional allowances for students who have dependants and/or a Disability.

        Apply for your Fee Loan, Maintenance Loan and Additional Allowances online at Their website will also give you more detailed information about student support.

        Previous higher education study

        If you already hold a university qualification from any country, check that student funding is available to you, as you may no longer be eligible.


        Contact the Student Welfare Advice Team in Student Services, Quad, College Building for further advice:

      • Need help?

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        For financial advice and support, contact the Student Welfare Advice Team. You can make an appointment with them directly on UniHub, by emailing or by phone on 020 8411 3008.

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