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Ready for the challenge

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  • Uni Life Hacks

  • Episode 1 - Sleep: your secret super power

    Is it possible that developing the right sleep habits can significantly improve your grades at university?

    In the first episode of Uni Life Hacks you’ll learn why sleep is essential for achieving success on your course and how you can make sleep your secret super power.

  • Episode 2 - Exposed: the shocking truth behind Social Media

    In the second episode of Uni Life Hacks, you’ll learn the shocking truth behind social media that you need to know while you're at University.

  • What's on this week?

  • Making the most of MDXSU: Skills and opportunities

    At Middlesex University Students’ Union (MDXSU) we support all kinds of opportunities for students to engage with throughout their time at University. There’s something for everyone - whether it’s joining one (or more!) of our 70+ societies, hosting your own radio show through our student media platform or participating in a paid placement, influencing social change, with one of our local community partners.

    This interactive session will give you a taster of the extra-curricular activity we support and aims to highlight the networks you can utilise to meet other students as well as the opportunities you can take advantage of to develop key skills that employers love.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how you can engage with your Students’ Union, meet other students and develop your skills portfolio throughout your time at MDX!

  • A life purpose is of the central motivating aims of your life—the reasons you get up in the morning.

    A Purpose can guide life decisions, influence behaviour, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning.

    For some people, purpose is connected to a vocation—meaningful, satisfying work. For others, their purpose lies in their responsibilities to their family or friends. Others seek meaning through spirituality or religious beliefs. Some people may find their purpose clearly expressed in all these aspects of life. Other people struggle to grasp what their purpose really is.  This session is for everyone, it should challenge you to think, help you to learn about yourself and support your learning.

    Several academic studies have been conducted about the importance of a purpose for life, the benefits of having a strong purpose and how to find your purpose if you haven't already. This session shares some of that learning an encourages students to reflect and begin their studies with purpose.

Success Strategies

This session aims to increase your success level at university by giving you strategies to improve your grades, preparation, organisation at university as well as how you can reduce procrastination in your life.

  • Supporting you

Student support and wellbeing at Middlesex

During your time at Middlesex you will come into contact with some of our Student Support teams as a normal part of your studies.

You might also need some additional support during your time with us, such as Counselling and Mental Health or Disability and Dyslexia support.

Come along to this session to find out about all of the support available at Middlesex.

  • Overcoming the challenges of studying from home

    Studying from home, the new normal? Not to worry, we have many tips to overcome the challenges of what combined learning may bring. From quick study tips to staying motivated, to what you can do to erase artistic block as a creative student.

  • Create a motivational and practical workspace at home

    Creating a workspace from home can seem like a chore, but creating a positive desk space can help motivate you to study and stay focused. Tune in to our short video on the tips you can use to help create yours!

Changing the Culture: Be an agent of change!

The Changing the Culture Initiative is a university-wide programme of projects which aims to shift attitudes, values and behaviours and create more inclusive and tolerant communities.

These engaging multimedia materials (many produced by our own students) are a celebration of the diversity of our student communities and the different ways in which we can all help promote inclusivity and positive behaviours: values which lie at the heart of Middlesex and everything we stand for.

You’ll learn about diversity and inclusion and why it’s so important; You’ll look at ways in which you can be tolerant, open-minded and accepting; You’ll gain an understanding of your role as an agent of change and what you can do to drive forward social change at the University and beyond; You’ll look at some ways to call out hate both off and online; You’ll learn about what the University can do to support you and take action against unacceptable behaviours.

Check out this PDF to help kick-start you on your Changing the Culture journey

  • Your skills and development

  • Time management

    Would you like to be more productive but don’t know where to start? This seminar will provide you with useful tips and advice to manage your time and make the most of your degree.

    We will discuss ways to stay focused on your goals, better understand your routine and look at the ways to prioritise tasks according to urgency and importance.

    You will learn how to make decisions that will help you stay in control of your schedule and become the master of your time.

  • Presentations

    Does the fear of public speaking stop you from getting your message across?

    Watch this seminar packed with useful tips on how to become a better presenter and connect with your audience.

    Learn how to structure your presentation, use body language to build trust and use verbal communication to leave a lasting impression.

  • Note taking

    This session prepares you for note-taking in academia and equips you with tools to become an expert note taker.

    Discover new ways of taking notes and find out how to structure your ideas in easy steps.

    This session is for everyone who wants to make the most of their lectures, seminars and reading and to remember information easily and effortlessly.

  • Team work

    This seminar will help you understand what it takes to build a strong team and how to contribute as an individual to ensure success of a group project.

    Become more aware of how you can contribute with your unique traits and how you can use them to create a better, more productive team.

    We will also look at how to manage conflicts and stay connected in your team.

Academic reading

How is academic reading different from other types of reading? What are some things you need to think about when reading at university?

This seminar will introduce you to the importance of active reading as well as reading strategies to help you acquire this important skill.

This session also includes some introductory questions that help you to consider the information that is presented in academic sources (books, research articles, etc.).

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