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    Module Evaluation

    Module evaluation surveys provide all students with the chance to leave bespoke feedback on each of your modules.

    Complete a survey

    We’re committed to ensuring the best possible experience for our students. Your input is crucial in helping us make improvements so we can continue to enhance both your experience and that of future students.

    Module evaluation surveys give you a formal opportunity to feedback on your modules at each level of study. Your Module Leader and the module teams will then be able to respond directly to collected feedback and gain additional evidence to drive quality enhancement as well as learning and teaching practices.

    The module surveys only take a few minutes to complete and your responses are strictly confidential and anonymised. You can access the survey on MDXapp or your MyLearning Module in myUniHub.

    Watch our video on how to complete your module evaluation and why it's so important to have your voice heard.

    Why complete the module survey?

    Module evaluation is an existing requirement within our quality enhancement processes. Over the past year, we have reviewed the survey to ensure you have a simple system for getting a response to your feedback. It also means Module Leaders are able to clearly see analysis and reporting trends.

    The questions

    The survey was co-designed in partnership between staff and students and is available for all taught modules from Levels 3-7 taught at our Hendon Campus. Work-based modules are excluded.

    It's quick and easy to complete, taking no more than 5 minutes, with 10 questions and a 5 point Likert scale (from Definitely Agree to Definitely Disagree).

    The questions are:

    1. The module team made the subject interesting
    2. Teaching on this module helped my understanding of the subject
    3. The module materials and resources supported my learning
    4. The module provided opportunities to put my learning into practice
    5. I received sufficient information that enabled me to organise my studies
    6. The assessment and marking criteria were clear
    7. I received sufficient advice and support during the module
    8. I had sufficient opportunities to receive feedback in this module
    9. Overall I am satisfied with the module
    10. To improve the module, what would you like us to stop, start or continue to do? (This is an open text question)

    The timetable - 2019/20

    You can complete the survey on your modules once each academic year. The dates will depend upon the length of the module and when it has been delivered.

    Term 1: Modules delivered only in Term 1

    • Monday 18 November to Friday 29 November 2019
    • Response back to students by Friday 13 December 2019

    Term 2: Year long/24 week modules and modules delivered only in Term 2

    • Monday 2 March to Friday 13 March 2020
    • Response back to students by Friday 3 April 2020

    Period 3: Modules with non-standard delivery patterns

    • Monday 11 May to Friday 22 May 2020
    • Response back to students by Friday 12 June 2020’

    Get in touch

    If you have issues or questions around the module feedback process, please email

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