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    At the start of each academic year, all students will elect a Student Voice Leader to represent their year of their course. These elected student representatives will then attend Programme Voice Groups. It’s important to raise any issues or feedback that you have with your Student Voice Leader, so that they can accurately represent your views to academic staff. You can find out who your Student Voice Leader is by logging in to the MDXSU website.

    You can see examples of improvements that have been made as a result of work by Student Voice Leaders below:

    • BA Business and Accounting

      • Your Impact: Deadlines extended

        Due to heavy workload, students from BA Business and Accounting asked their programme leaders to extend the deadlines for the modules Operational Management and the Advanced Management Accounting. The programme leaders agreed, allowing the students to have enough time to complete their coursework.

      • Your Impact: Lectures available online

        The BA Business and Accounting students had the permission to record the lectures after Christmas holiday. It has been a very useful way for students to revise for their exams.

    • BA English

      • Your Impact: introduction of time set aside at each class to ask questions

        First year students asked to have more clarification around any complicated terms and definitions. There is now time set aside at each class to ask questions. Also, there was a revision session in ENG1001 (week 7) to go over complex terms.

      • Your Impact: more academic content

        Students asked to see more academic content. This has now been implemented (e.g. transcribing sounds) as you move from the introductory to more content-heavy blocks.

      • Your Impact: less feedback in class and more new content

        Second year students have asked to have less feedback in class for portfolio tasks and more new content to be covered instead. Therefore, the students can now get feedback on their one-to-ones with the tutors and more guest speakers will be introduced to the class.

      • Your Impact: more resources on My Learning

        Second year students have asked for more resources to be uploaded into My Learning. A list of films, including links to BoB, will be uploaded on the module’s My Learning page.

      • Your impact: Opportunities for feedback on drafts

        Third year students have asked to have more opportunities for feedback on drafts. The result is that they can now send drafts for feedback and there will be a session devoted to peer and tutor review of drafts (week 11).

      • Your Impact: support on reading lists

        Students asked for all the inaccuracies with on-line reading lists to be amended. The subject librarians can now offer support on how to use reading lists. Please ask for help.

      • Your Impact: Increase the amount of study trips

        Students have asked to have a higher amount of study trips. They are now invited to submit proposals for study trip, with a justification of how the proposed trip will enhance your learning and student experience. The programme and module leaders will do their best to fund all convincing cases.


      • Your Impact: note-taking skills

        Students asked to improve their skills in note-taking. We are working with the LET team to organise resources that can help you develop your note-taking skills. We will be distributing the small books on 'Reading and Making Notes' at your ENG2001 class. Other students can also get these small books - please email Anna (a.charalambidou@mdx.ac.uk).

      • Your Impact: PowerPoint presentations to be uploaded on My Learning as soon as practically possible

        Students have asked for the PowerPoint presentations to be uploaded in My learning as soon as possible. There are good pedagogical reasons for not uploading materials before a class. All learning materials will be uploaded on My Learning within two working day of the class.

    • MSc Arts Management

      • Your Impact: More guidance sessions are being put in place for work placements.

        Students asked for more guidance sessions to be be put in place for work placements.

    • MSc Media Management

      • Your Impact: students can now request books with their modules and/or dissertation specialisms.

        With the LSS representative a process was agreed for students to request books in the library to do with their modules and/or dissertation specialisms.

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