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    • Facilities and campus developments 2019

      • Your impact: Grove opening hours

        In response to student feedback and requests, the Grove A and C opening hours have been adapted from the current pattern of:

        Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 10pm; Sat: 9am - 6pm; Sun: 10am - 6pm


        Mon-Fri: 8am - midnight; Sat: 9am - 8pm; Sun: 10am - 6pm

    • Facilities and campus developments 2018

      • Your Impact: The University is now recognised as a 2 star Fairtrade University

        Having the award status demonstrates to the students how passionate the university are on Fair pay, equality, diversity and empowerment. By choosing Fairtrade products to sell on campus we’re assisting Farmers. With our collaboration with other University departments, we’re creating student opportunity’s to be a part of it all.

        To either be a volunteer student Auditor, helping us reach our University accreditation, or paid work by assisting us on our pop up stalls. It’s a way of bringing, passionate likeminded students together that helps shape Fairtrade within the University.

      • Your Impact: Saving money and faster payment

        Chartwells launched the brand-new payment and loyalty mobile app, Yoyo. Paired with loyalty cards, students are now able to collect 100 points for every £1.00 spent, collect stamps (e.g. buy 9 hot drinks get 1 free) and pay quickly using their mobile phone.

        Students can redeem rewards helping them to save money on their favourite products. Since launching we have an uptake of 2900 students and counting.

      • Your Impact: Reasonable priced food

        Feedback from students and MDXSU representatives regarding pricing has trigged the new smaller plate initiative at MDX House’s Streat outlet, where students can now purchase a slightly smaller portion of their daily main meal for just £3.60. A daily soup option is also available for £1.65. After working with MDXSU, pizza sizes increased, while the price per pizza decreased.

      • Your Impact: Plastic reduction on campus

        To support the university wide initiative of reducing plastics, since last term Chartwells have stopped providing plastic straws. They have also introduced product ranges with alternative packaging such as CanO Water. The CanO Water drinks are a natural spring and sparkling water in aluminium cans as opposed to bottles. Recycle a can and it can be back on the shelves within 6 weeks.

      • Your Impact: Fairtrade products on campus

        In line with Middlesex University’s two-star Fairtrade Award, on the 2nd October 2018, Chartwells launched their first Fairtrade outlet in the Grove Coffee Bar. You can now find all your favourite Fairtrade products here from chocolate and fruit to hot beverages.

      • Your Impact: Bigger food range selection

        Following feedback from the Students' Union (MDXSU) for better provision of dietary needs, and the increase in flexitarian and conscious diets, Chartwells have expanded their food range to meet student needs. Food outlets now offer a range of meat and vegetarian options including gluten free and vegan choices and ensure that all meat sold in Broosters (MDX House) is halal.

      • Your Impact: Healthy, international cuisines

        Students asked for “more international cuisines, more vegetarian options” – Chartwells have already increased vegan and vegetarian main meal options as well as reduced calorie ingredients at the Streat counter. We have now introduced a variety of international dishes. Oriental pots are now available daily on the Streat counter offering a meat or vegetarian option served with rice or noodles for £3.50.

      • Your Impact: Shorter queues during event nights

        Middlesex Students' Union (MDXSU) requested increased bar capacity to prevent long queues during event nights. Chartwells have introduced a temporary pop-up bar during event nights, with a range of beverages sold from the Streat counter to reduce queues and speed up service. High demand for cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails have also triggered a range of these popular drinks being introduced.

      • Your Impact: Upgrade of the internet speed and WIFI coverage at all halls

        This upgrade will assist the students with their studies, giving them fast reliable access to their online resources.  Also improving all of the other uses of the internet. The speeds have increased from up to 10mbps to up to 150mbps on WIFI and Ethernet.  The WIFI now covers all areas on site.

      • Your Impact: Hot water in the library

        MDXSU has worked with the University and Chartwells to ensure that students now have 24/7 access to hot water. This is available via the hot drinks vending machine in the Sheppard Library Café.

    • Facilities and campus developments 2017

      • Your Impact: A new specialist teaching complex – The Ritterman Building

        Works to the Ritterman building commenced in March 2015, following student feedback about the need for more teaching space.

        The building opened to all on 26th September 2016. This brand new, cutting edge building provides specialist teaching space for Science & Technology, Art & Design and Media and Performing Arts.

      • Your Impact: Refurbishments to the Grove Building

        Student feedback in the National Student Survey and Boards of Study has led to a number of specific upgrades to the facilities in the Grove:

        • - Two brand new  high quality rehearsal rooms for Media and Performing Arts
        • - The creation of a new space for Fashion foundation programme
        • - An additional Animation Studio for Art & Design
        • - The reconfiguration of the ground floor of Grove Block C has created create two changing rooms for Media and Performing Arts
        • - A space for students to study in Grove Block C which includes printing facility
        • - New seating area overlooking the ‘Grove Park’.
      • Your Impact: Additional laboratory space in Hatchcroft

          Student feedback in the National Student Survey and Boards of Study has led to a number of specific upgrades to the facilities in Hatchcroft:

        • - Two new Bioscience Project Laboratories
        • - Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
        • - Biochemistry & Biomedical Science Laboratory including prep room
        • - Cardiac Physiology Suite, which includes a joint Ward space that will be used by Health and Education
        • - Tissue Culture Facility
        • - Microbiology Lab
        • - Re-provision an existing room to create a Psycho-physiology & Neuroscience Laboratory.
      • Your Impact: More teaching space in the College Building
        • More teaching spaces have been created within the College Building in response to students’ feedback in the National Student Survey about inflexibility in their timetable.
        • A total of nine classrooms have been created in the College Building which includes three purpose built rooms for teaching the foundation year.
      • Your Impact: Accessible study spaces

        Following general student feedback, there are now electronic adjustable-height desks that can be used in the Sheppard Library. These will support the learning of wheelchair users and offers flexible sit/stand study space for the wellbeing of all students.

      • Your Impact: An increased number of study spaces

        Following feedback from student representatives in Boards of Studies, there are now more learning spaces available in College Building including desktop PC’s outside C117 and C118. There are also now additional macs in the Sheppard Library basement.

        There have also been renovations carried out to the Quad to create more seating space for students on all levels of the College Building.

      • Your Impact: Healthier food options on campus

        Following feedback on the Students’ Union website, in September, with the inauguration of the new Ritterman Building, Chartwells has opened a Starbucks serving popular Starbucks hot beverage and snack range. Still health orientated, Starbucks offers freshly made drinks, hot soups, gluten free confectionary and crisps as well as salads and sandwiches. Following student feedback, 2 microwaves have also been installed in the Starbucks outlet for users to heat their food.

      • Your Impact: A refurbished and upgraded fitness pod (including toilets and changing rooms)

        The Sport & Recreation Service undertake an annual survey to gain feedback from current students on the sports and fitness opportunities provided, as well as on the general quality of the service provided. This gathered a lot of feedback from students asking for improvements to the Fitness Pod.

        We were also made aware that the changing facilities not particularly attractive and that the lack of suitable locker storage was a “barrier” to some.

        The Fitness Pod facility was re-modelled to provide a new functional training space, enhanced free weights and Olympic lifting area, additional stretch areas, and a new range of resistance equipment that was fully accessible for people in wheelchairs (Inclusive Fitness Initiative Accredited).

        The works were completed in September 2016, and opened just in time for the start of the new academic year. The feedback from students has been tremendous, and the take-up in membership has increased.

      • Your Impact: A free on campus bike-loan scheme for students

        An idea was submitted through the Ideas for Change tool on the MDXSU website, about creating a Middlesex University bike scheme. It received a really positive response, with 80 students voting in favour, resulting in your Students’ Union Officers working with the University to implement the idea.

        This led to the launch of the new MDXSU and MDX free bike hire scheme for students and staff in January 2017. The scheme is called ‘Free Wheelers’ and has been devised to provide easier access between main campus, Allianz Park and halls – whilst promoting healthier lifestyles and students’ wellbeing.

      • Your Impact: Gluten free food options

        We have increased the gluten free option in campus and placed the products in all the coffee shops on campus. More gluten free options have been also added to the campus menu.

      • Your Impact: Longer opening hours for food venders

        Student feedback said that Wings’n’Things was very popular, but not open for long enough. Chartwells have extended the opening hours of this vender, so that it opens each weekday at 11:00am. The breakfast opening hours are also now longer, serving between 08:30am to 11:00am.

      • Rental laptops at Allianz Park

        The loan laptops have been introduced at Allianz Park, using the same self-service process as elsewhere on campus.

      • Your Impact: MDXGoesGreen

        The MDXGoesGreen initiative is improving biodiversity across campus. The campaign has launched mowing in the Paddock, Grove and Church Farmhouse areas, as well as introducing woodpiles in the Grove and Paddock. Hedge planting around the Grove has also taken place, as well as bulb planting on-campus.

        Middlesex University have also entered into partnership with London Wildlife Trust, meaning students can take up volunteering opportunities with the charity.

      • Your Impact: Delivering paid vacancies to students

        Following its launch in February the new university employability service Unitemps has delivered over 50,000 hours of paid employment to current students. The university is committed to all students being paid properly for their roles and will be delivering at least the London Living Wage.

        Based on feedback from current students and alumni, the university created a central source for all on-campus roles open to current students. Based at CG07 in the MDXworks office, it offers easy access to part-time roles while completing your studies. It now means that all students can work to the correct visa and right to work requirements.

        Take a look at the Unitemps website here.

      • Your Impact: Being able to meet a wider range of employers

        Feedback from students indicated that they want to meet a wider range of potential employers, particularly high-profile, top end employers in order to raise their own profile and employability

        In response to this feedback, MDXworks has increased the range of part-time roles and placements being offered to Middlesex students. These come from a wide range of companies and industries such as Renault, L’Oréal, and Disney.

        MDXworks and the University have also extended the Student Success Festival, with a November event in addition to march. At this event, employers such as O2, M & S, and Kurt Geiger came to meet students. At these sessions, students work on their CVs and develop their interview and pitching skills.

      • Your Impact: CV-checking and swapping parties

        Following requests from students using the employability service, MDXworks will now be offering CV swap parties.

        This is so you can see other people’s CVs, get inspiration and discuss them in a collaborative setting.

        The CV swap parties are run by Matt Lewis, the service’s resident CV guru and author of the employability blog MDXworks.Wordpress.com.

        Come along for an informal session to add some zing to your CV!

      • Your Impact: Anonymous Support Service

        Following consultation with students you can now use the University support services anonymously.

        The Silvercloud online modules launched in November and contain details about common mental wellbeing and emotional problems. They contain practical information and tips about managing a wide range of problems and how to most effectively manage their symptoms.

        Middlesex University is fully committed to its students and their mental health. If you are struggling please do not hesitate to contact the counselling service for 1 to 1 advice sessions, group workshops, consultation and referral services or if you just want to speak to someone. Middlesex counselling can be emailed at counselling@mdx.ac.uk or contacted through the MDXapp.

      • Your Impact: drop-in counselling sessions

        As a direct result of feedback from students who use the service, Student Voice Leaders and your elected SU Sabbatical Officers, the counselling service will be now holding a drop-in clinic. The clinic will be held every day Monday through Friday from 2-3pm.

        The counselling service is based in Sunny Hill House, across the road from the Model Farmhouse and next to the Greyhound Pub.

        These drop in sessions are in addition to the appointments and mini sessions already offered by the counselling service. All of which can be booked through emailing counselling@mdx.ac.uk. Same Day mini appointments can also be booked through the MDXApp and clicking on the support services tile.

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