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    • Student support developments 2018

      • Your Impact: New Learning Support Zone

        A new Learning Support Zone has opened up in September at Hendon Library which will be a vibrant learning space including workshops and a zone for one-to-one and small group appointments. The space will mainly be used by Librarians, Disability & Dyslexia Support, Learning Enhancement Team and Student Learning Assistants. This will increase availability of study space in the Sheppard library enhancing and adding to student learning environments.

      • Your Impact: StudyHub has expanded

        In response to feedback from students who felt that StudyHub on the first floor of the Sheppard Library was cramped and crowded we have reviewed and rearranged the space. Enhancing your experience of receiving help and advice from the LET, IT Support, SLAs and Librarians.

      • Your Impact: The Writing Space – a mini writing retreat for students

        The Writing Space has changed from a daily offering of two hours per day to targeted sessions of several hours, which will be run similar to a writing retreat. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a longer and more focused writing experience. These bookable sessions will take place at Hendon Library away from the distractions of the main University buildings.

      • Your Impact: Automatic renewal of borrowed books

        Library Search, the new Library Management System  launched in autumn 2018.  It includes a new feature which means that students no longer need to renew their books: Library Search will do it for them. This is one less thing to remember and will reduce the amount of fines charged.

      • Your Impact: New UniHelp opening hours based on patterns of demand

        Feedback from students has told us that students would like us to reduce their time spent queuing.  We have introduced enhancements to the service with this in mind: Streamlined processes during Welcome: this year students collecting their BRP cards at UniHelp had their ID checked at the same time avoiding the need for them to make repeat visits during the busy Welcome period. Also, we revised UniHelp opening hours in the Sheppard Library to reflect the patterns of demand, resulting in more staff being available during the busier times.

      • Your Impact: Library Induction for first year students

        Feedback from Year 1 BA English students has told us that students would like more information about the library and how to find resources. We have then arranged for students to have an induction.

      • Your Impact: Macs across all the buildings are up-to-date

        Feedback from students from BA Design has told us that software on the library Macs is not updated. When students moved from the Grove/Rittermann studios to the library, they had problems with file exchange. Therefore, the IT team has confirmed that all Macs are up-to-date and bear the same software/applications as other buildings.

      • Your Impact: Temperature in the library

        Students gave feedback that the library is too hot. The library is designed to be a low energy/Carbon consumption building in operation and as such it is unable to respond to any relatively rapid changes in occupation or temperature.

        The situation still being looking after and evaluated to see what else can be done in future.

      • Your Impact: Ink and paper in the printers in the library

        Printers in Library run out of ink and paper very often, delaying students works, especially when they have limited time.

        Explained that low toner message should be responded to quickly, but that students can access their print queue on any printer on campus

        We will provide additional guidance for students on what to do when a tray is empty to move to another tray by clicking a button

      • Your Impact: Improvements to the loan laptop programme

        The popular rental laptop scheme has been expanded to include new self-service cabinets on the Sheppard Library’s second and third levels, as well as including lower lockers in the College Building for wheelchair users.

      • Your Impact: Better response to Unihelp enquiries

        Feedback from students has told us that they are experiencing problems with not receiving responses for their queries. The helpdesk system is constantly monitored to ensure that enquiries are not overlooked. Email is our primary mode of contact but we do use SMS for appointment reminders and other alerts. Earlier this year we were notified that students were not receiving responses to their enquiries. Working with the university computing service we put in place an extensive testing regime that involved tracking emails from the helpdesk system through to the students mdx email account. The testing did not uncover any problems; all the testing was positive

      • Your Impact: Increased number of printers in the library

        Feedback from students has told us that there are not enough printers in the library. We hope that the increase in number of printers will help alleviate the pressure at busy times – we’ve gone from 24 to 28 printers in the new Sheppard  library with more printers in the busy areas – ground and 1st  floor.

    • Student support developments 2017

      • Your Impact: A real-time chat service for UniHelp

        We have listened to your feedback about how you get in touch and that is why we now offer an online chat service.

        The service was piloted at the start of the 2016/17 academic year, and students who have already used it have provided much positive feedback.

        • - “Fast and just what I needed. Thank you,”
        • - “Quick and very useful!”

        To use the Chat functionality, click on the ‘Call, Chat or Visit’ button on the UniHub front page or visit our UniHelp page.

        Online Chat is available during term time Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 9:00pm, Saturday and Sunday  - 11:00am to 5:30pm.

      • Your Impact: More laptops… in more places… for longer

        In the National Student Survey (NSS) last year, students said that they enjoyed being able to access laptops on campus, but that there weren’t enough – so were often all booked out. In January 2017, more laptops were added to our Hendon campus loan spots.

        From student feedback, there are also now laptops for loan available at the Royal Free Hospital.

        Also, we have increased the laptop loan period for students with disabilities from 24hrs to 48hrs.

      • Your Impact: Free eTextbooks for every student

        The Middlesex University eTextbooks scheme provides each student with one free eTextbook for each of their modules per year. You can access the eTextbooks free of charge and keep them for the whole of your degree and beyond.This scheme also means that distance learning students can access key resources, wherever they are studying.

        All students can also take advantage of the eTextbook software functions (including sharing notes with classmates, highlighting and referencing).

      • Your Impact: Smart solutions to reduce UniHelp queues

        The “General UniHelp Queue” used to begin on ticket number 700 at the start of each day.  The perception was that this suggested that the queue (even early on in the day) was very long and this was sometimes disconcerting to students.  A simple change was made to the system in April 2016 which meant the ticket numbers began at 000 instead. This small and simple change has encouraged students to ask their queries earlier in the day – leading to earlier resolutions.

      • Your Impact: Accessible study spaces

        Following general student feedback, there are now electronic adjustable-height desks that can be used in the Sheppard Library. These will support the learning of wheelchair users and offers flexible sit/stand study space for the wellbeing of all students.

      • Your Impact: Faster and more powerful IT equipment

        Following feedback from a number of sources (including Boards of Study), the desktop computers in the Sheppard Library have been upgraded to be faster. Old printers have also been upgraded and more new ones added, so that printing is faster for students.

      • Your Impact: Better support to find what you’re looking for in the Sheppard Library

        Customer Service Assistants are now available at library help points in the Sheppard library and are equipped with mobile technology giving them access to all of the applications needed to support you when studying in the Library.

        As well as advising you on using library resources effectively, our assistants can also refer you to specialist teams, such as Liaison Librarians and the Learning Enhancement Team, if additional support is required.

      • Your Impact: An increase in the number of Student Learning Assistants (SLAs)

        A number of students fed back that they wanted more help from SLAs or that they didn’t have access to an SLA relevant to their modules.

        We have now increased the number of SLAs; offering more students the opportunity to discuss their course expectations with experienced students who have excelled in their programmes of study.

        SLAs are able to help provide a relaxed and supportive learning environment where students can improve understanding of course content, practise skills and also learn collaboratively. In addition SLAs share effective study success tips and learning strategies with students to enable students improve their performance in their courses.

        SLAs themselves benefit by gaining transferable and employability skills by virtue of their role in supporting learning.

      • Your Impact: Improvements to the loan laptop programme

        The popular rental laptop scheme has been expanded to include new self-service cabinets on the Sheppard Library’s second and third levels, as well as including lower lockers in the College Building for wheelchair users.

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