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    Prof Joshua CastellinoWe actively seek to hear from our students with a view to enhancing their experience, seeking to rectify any issues that may arise, and also in terms of seeking to co-create a longer term vision that understands their needs around the complicated urban lives we all live. I do hope to meet students both formally and informally to continue this process. In the last year we have focused on four themes in seeking to improve the student experience:

    • Timetabling: We are conscious that the spread of our teaching across the week has been creating significant difficulties, and are actively looking to group subjects together to seek a more rational, student-focused timetable that enables greater engagement with study, while not having an adverse impact on other areas of student lives.
    • Skills focus: Succeeding in life today requires the creation of a sophisticated set of skills and we are actively embedding multiple skills into our curriculum that use the environment around us to provide contemporary context for the theoretical base of our subjects.
    • Internships and Placements: We have worked actively to widen our base of internships and placement opportunities for our students as we seek to arrive at the ambitious goal of a placement or internship opportunity for every motivated student.
    • Coaching and mentoring: To enable students to succeed, we have unrolled a programme of free 1-1 coaching available on the basis of academic performance.
    • Coursework grading workshop: In co-operation with the Learning Enhancement Team, the School of Law have introduced a session in which students read anonymised coursework and allocate marks, in order to reduce confusion around grading.

    Our commitment and responsibility in improving student trajectories and outcomes spreads well beyond the classroom, and I would personally welcome further opportunities to hear from the student body about innovate ways forward.

    Prof Joshua Castellino

    Dean of Business & Law School Faculty Professional Studies

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