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    For specific copyright information on using a particular type of copyright work, please select a link from the list below:

    Literary           Books, Journals, Periodicals, Conference Papers etc
    DramaticScripts, Plays
    Publishers /TypographicalPublication Layout, Editors Notes, Footnotes, Contents, Index etc.
    Crown CopyrightParliamentary Papers, Legislation, Government Reports/Guidelines/Consultations/Reviews etc
    ArtisticMay also be protected under Design Rights, Trademarks or Patents
      Images/PhotographsPhotographs, Clipart, Diagrams, Paintings, Drawings, Logos
        Product DesignGraphics, packaging
        Fashion DesignClothing, Jewellery, Fabric
        Sculptures3D Artistic work of varying materials, Metal, Wood, Clay, Plastic
        ArchitectureBuildings, Building designs
    Music (Sheet)Compositions, Scores, Lyrics
    Music/Sound RecordingsCDs, DVDs ,MP3, MP4, Broadcasts, WWW
    PerformancesDance, Musical, Theatrical, Recitals, Lectures
    FilmsPurchased VHS, DVD, Recorded Off-air, WWW Download
    BroadcastsPurchased VHS, DVD  Recorded Off-air,  WWW On Demand
    Computer Programs   Programme Language, functionality, software
    DatabasesSearchable compilations of data, content
    Multimedia  Contains content of various formats e.g. Film, Music, Art, Text
    Internet content   Web pages: Text, images, film, music, links, Social Networking/ File Sharing:
    Social networking/SharingFacebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter 
    Unpublished WorkPrivate Letters, Photographs, Diaries,  Manuscripts, compositions
    Moral RightsPaternity, Integrity, False Attribution and Privacy
    Orphan WorksUnknown or untraceable author/creator/owner 
    TrademarkProtection of commercial identifier i.e. Logo, Name, Colour
    DesignsProtection of original 2D or 3D designs for commercial exploitation
    PatentsProtection of original inventions or ideas capable of industrial application

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