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Laptops for loan

Requests and returns

*Loan Laptop Returns*

The return date has been extended to Friday 27 May 2022. This date will also apply to newly issued loan laptops.

If you don't have your own PC, laptop or suitable device to access the University online environment, the University will provide you with a Windows loan laptop to help you with your teaching and learning needs.

We understand that sometimes it might not be possible for you to come on Campus so we're continuing to send out laptops by courier every Monday and Wednesday. We will also run an in person collection service from Desk 8 in the Sheppard Library.

To borrow a laptop, please visit either our In Person Collections Page or our Courier Request Page.

Laptops can be returned to the Security Office in the College Building seven days a week between 8am and 6pm.

All laptops have full desktop software installed, printing functionality, on screen sign-in instructions and can be used on or off campus. Please note: If you are using a loan laptop On Campus you must connect to MDXUNI Wi-Fi before signing in with your University User ID and password. If you are Off Campus, a connection must be made to a secure Wi-Fi network followed by clicking on Network Sign-in before signing in with your Middlesex University user ID (e.g. AB123) and password.

To help you, the laptop features on screen sign-in instructions or you can also read our detailed loan laptop sign in instructions guide.

Please remember that you will not be able to borrow a laptop from the self-service cabinets as they are not in service.

Terms of service

  • Laptop Loans: A laptop is issued on the understanding that it becomes the sole responsibility of the student until it is returned. You are responsible for the good use and maintenance of the laptop whilst in your possession and will be liable for any costs due to the loss of, or damage to the laptop.
  • Wi-Fi network: You will need to connect to a Wi-Fi network before you can access the laptop. You must also have a valid Middlesex university  User ID and password to log in to the laptop.
  • When borrowing a laptop please check for any physical damage and when turning on check for any screen damage and ensure the laptop is in good working order.
  • Report a damaged laptop immediately to unihelp Online.  https://unihub.mdx.ac.uk/support/Unihelp
  • Using a loan laptop: you are strongly advised to save any work onto OneDrive or your own USB memory stick.  Any work lost due to the laptop being faulty cannot be recovered. The University is not responsible for any data lost due to any fault on the laptop.
  • Battery life is expected to last around 3 hours, depending on usage
  • Please do not:  Affix anything to the top cover or marking the top cover, including stickers or any other personal notes etc.
  • Fines and charges: You will be charged at a rate of 50p per hour for any late return.  Charges for the late return of a laptop cannot be waived unless there are extenuating circumstances. Proof of this will need to be provided before the charge is waived.
  • If a laptop is overdue by two weeks it will be marked as lost. This will add the full replacement cost of the laptop (currently £698.00) to your account. This charge will stay on your library account until the laptop has been returned.
  • Laptop Chargers:  You will be responsible for the replacement of any lost or damaged charger at a cost of £33.60 each.
  • Laptop Returns: Laptops can be returned to the Security Office, College Building, Quad, between 8am and 6pm Monday to Sunday.
  • Couriered Laptops:  You are still responsible for the good use and maintenance of laptops couriered to you. You will be liable for any damage(s) or loss of this, whilst in your possession.

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