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    Wi-Fi Access

    Connecting to the MDX Wi-Fi Service

    The University is equipped with several Wi-Fi access points that allow you to connect to the internet at different locations on campus. This includes all buildings and cafes.

    The University’s Wi-Fi services are free and easy to use – once you have set up a device it should automatically connect each time you are in range of a Wi-Fi access point.

    There are three Wi-Fi services available to use:

    1. MDXUNI
    2. MDXOPEN
    3. Eduroam Wi-Fi


    This is the preferred Wi-Fi service for all students and staff. It will prompt you to enter your Middlesex student user ID and password. Detailed information on how to connect your devices to MDXUNI are listed below.

    iOS devices: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


    Newly launched, this service is free and open to anyone on Campus who requires internet connectivity and a great addition to our Wi-Fi services.

    Note that when using this network, you will not be able to access University services.  Details on how to connect to this Wi-Fi service is featured in the guide below.

    MDXOPEN Wi-Fi connection guide

    Eduroam Wi-Fi

    What is Eduroam? It’s a free Wi-Fi service which allows students and visitors to access the internet when visiting participating institutions. The guides below contain more detailed information on how to connect.

    Eduroam access for Windows10
    Eduroam access for Mac OSX

    VPN (Virtual Private Network) Guides

    What is VPN?  Referred to as F5 - Big IP Edge Client, when installed onto your own personal machine, you will be able to securely access the University’s resources from home or an alternative venue exactly as if you were studying on campus.

    VPN - Windows 10 Guide
    VPN - MAC Guide

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