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    Benefits of eTextbooks

    Lecturer Recommendations:

    Each personal eTextbook is picked by your module leader and is a key resource for your studies. The eTextbook scheme guarantees you have free access to key information to successfully complete your studies.

    The student view: "I use it as my ebook of lectures! Sometimes I share notes with my friends! It's good for students!" (MDX student, survey response 2014-15 pilot scheme)

    Access Anywhere Anytime:

    The eTextbooks is accessible anywhere, anytime on any of your portable devices, Laptop, tablet, smartphone and desktop on and offline. The eTextbooks are yours throughout your degree and remain yours to keep with your Kortext account.

    The student view: "I have found it an invaluable tool for my study and a very convenient way to access study material on my personal laptop and Ipad. It gives maximum flexibility to fit study in with my work and travel patterns." (MDX student, survey response 2014-15 pilot scheme).


    Purchasing your essential textbooks can be costly. The average cost of a textbook in 2012/13 was £56.15. The personal eTextbooks may save you an average of £450 over your three year degree.

    The student view: "I wish this came in on my first year as I have spent over £200 in books since starting my degree. The eBooks Scheme has massively helped me financially and the downloadable application makes life a lot easier" (MDX student, survey response 2014-15 pilot scheme).

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