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MDX Research Community Events

Here you can find information about upcoming events relevant to the MDX Research Community. There is a tab for each Faculty and one for cross-disciplinary events.

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  • All PGR events

  • Research Students Get-Together, 04 December 2020

    Opening and Keynote Speech - 10:00-11:00am

    Join us to hear from Rachel Ellison MBE. Rachel is an executive leadership coach with expert knowledge of challenging, changing, multicultural environments. She is experienced with working with people under extreme and challenging circumstances, in other words "working where it’s hot, dusty and dangerous". Rachel is a Middlesex University honorary graduate (2019) and she is viewed as a Thought Leader in the field of leadership and business coaching. Rachel works with CEOs and emerging talent across the commercial, public and third sectors. From retail to refugee camps, logistics, electronics and diplomacy, to prisons, healthcare and non-governmental aid organisations, Rachel supports leaders wanting to dip beneath the surface to grow themselves and develop their teams.

    Our Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange, Prof Carole-Anne Upton will open the session.

    Material from the event is available here.
  • Our Keynote speaker: Rachel Ellison

    We are delighted to have Rachel Ellison MBE as our keynote speaker. After an event Rachel delivered in Middlesex University, inspired by her book, Global Leadership & Coaching: Flourishing Under Intense Pressure at Work, we could not wait to have her with us again, so that she can share the wealth of her experiences with our Research Community. Rachel is experienced with working with people under highly challenging circumstances and she will deliver an interactive and engaging session, tailored specifically for this event, where she will challenge you to think beyond the surface, reassess your methodologies and ways of working and make the best out of your projects.

    Find out more about Rachel's work in her website. You can also find Rachel in LinkedIn, where she has published a magnificent series of articles on the hottest topic of our days, Panic and Pandemic.

  • Professional Doctorates

  • 7th International Conference on Professional & Practice-Based Doctorates

    The conference programme is now available. This event will take place entirely online from Tuesday 23rd until Friday 26th February 2021. Each day of the conference will begin with a keynote session, followed by a plenary keynote presentation and parallel paper presentations and workshops.

    There are also free discussion sessions featuring "20/20 presentations" and small group discussions.

    Download a copy of the programme.

    Book your place to attend one or more of the keynote sessions.

    Book your place one of the free discussion session.

    Or find out more here.
  • The Faculty of Arts & Creative Industries

  • The following sessions are tailored for ACI research students but open to all...


    Topic: Witches - 3:30-4:30pm, 16 November 2020, on Zoom

    • Witches are wicked, right? What about Sabrina, Hermione, the good witch in The Wizard of Oz, and Maleficent?
    • How did the wicked witch come about, then?
    • Do any of us know anyone who’s a ‘white witch’?
    • Why are there so many UK witch groups on Facebook?

    Topic: Vampires and devils - 3:30-4:30pm, 7 December 2021, on Zoom

    • Dracula in the novel and Hammer movies was Satanic, right? How come he’s a good guy in the 2013-14 tv show? And why are vampires goodies in True Blood, Buffy (sometimes) and Twilight?
    • Is the Dark Lord a sympathetic character in today’s world? But why?
    • Aren’t vampires just silly and made-up, or is there some real aspect to them?
    • Would you like to be immortal?

    Topic: Zombies - 3:30-4:30pm, 18 January 2021, on Zoom

    • Why on Earth are zombies still popular?
    • Is it cos of covid?
    • Or immigration?
    • Are they still making The Walking Dead? Sheesh. How many series?

    Topic: Werewolves and shape-shifters - 3:30-4:30pm, 15 February 2021, on Zoom

    • Is there a ravening beast hiding inside you?
    • Jekyll and Hyde is still popular. Why is that?
    • Why does every vampire series always end up with a bunch of werewolves as enemies?

    Topic: Frankenstein and A.I.s - 3:30-4:30pm, 15 March 2021, on Zoom

    • Do the sciences of cloning and A.I. mean we are about to create a new Frankenstein? Is that really a good idea?
    • Are Pinocchio, The Blade Runner, Avengers: Age of Ultron, West World, etc, all the same story?
    • Is it horror, sci-fi or actually happening?


  • Faculty of Professional & Social Sciences

  • Faculty of Science & Technology

For information about the Researcher Development Programme, Writing Retreats and Research Retreats, please see our training page.

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